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Fishing Problem

Question: I have many, many problems to fish the big fish (10 pound) in the house in Lake Hylia. Without it, I can't have all the piece of hearts and the Gold Scale. D'you know a trick or a metod to fish good???

Answer: The big fish are usually in the middle of the pond. Always use "Z" Targeting to aim at the fish you want. Place the bait in front of the fish. If you doesn't do anything, try wiggling the bait with your control stick. If you have trouble reeling him in, try swinging your fishing pole left and/or right.

Saving Games Problem

Question: I would like to know how to save the games in Zelda : Ocarina of Time. I have already tried to save it using the menu in the game by pushing start , B (or X) and then push A to decide to save it. Never the less, when I want to continue the game again, ultahle never make the save games. I also try to save it in the ultrahle menu using Shift-F6 but it does not work too.

Answer: If it won't let you save, try selling your cartridge then buying a new one. Thats all I can think of. It should always let people save thier games, it must be the cartridge, but I don't know what UltraHLE is.

Warping Problem

Question: Can I become young Link as an adult and vice versa? I think this must be possible, but I've yet failed to succeed in this!

Answer: You can warp back to Young Link as an adult after you have beaten the Forest Temple. And you can change back to Adult Link anytime, too.

Help on Biggoron's Sword

Question:I am in the middle of getting the biggoron sword... But I do not know where is the carpenter that I should give the poacher's saw to...

Answer: Give it to the man in front of the tent in Gerudo Valley as an Adult. Use your longshot to get over if the bridge is still broken.